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RentedApps are a provider of hosted desktops in the UK


Why Choose A RentedApps Hosted Desktop

To reduce hardware costs. Outlay for new servers and licenses when software or hardware becomes obsolete can be a huge shock for many companies, and almost impossible for some. RentedApps removes all of this hassle.
You can take your “office” anywhere. Even in the palm of your hand!  With the increase in BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), a rented hosted desktop allows the setup of temporary or new staff members with their office desktop on their tablet or mobile phone.
Remote working made easy. Even when the British weather turns the country upside down and snow slows most of the UK to a halt, your stranded workers can still work from home.

Cashflow friendly. With one easy monthly payment encompassing Support, Virus Protection, Firewalls, Storage and Disaster Recovery – budgeting is straightforward with the RentedApps solution.
Flexible storage capabilities & compatibility. Easily scalable, plus Network Storage available for multiple high-volume data users. RentedApps is compatible with any device – Windows, Android and Mac iOS.
Always have the latest software. As a part of RentedApps, the latest software updates can be added to your computer with minimal impact for your day – we have a self service Apps portal, where you can choose which version of software you want to use.

Keep Connected and in Control on Holiday

The summer holiday season is here with us again. But many owners of small to medium sized businesses, who take a well-deserved break, will know how stressful a holiday can be.  Letting go and entrusting your workforce, whilst having only limited access, or perhaps... read more

Why Choose us for your Hosted Desktop?

SSD based Premium Storage

Turnkey, standalone product

Cashflow friendly

No Additional licencing needed

No contracts, no tie-in

Security and reliability


A friendly, caring approach. Putting the needs of your business first.

About Us  Long established. Since 1973 our development team have been at the forefront of computer technology for the SME marketplace. We have a proven track record of catering to business requirements for companies across the South. We pioneered the hardware revolution in Dorset for our key Government clients and have steadily built upon that base and consistently innovated to provide excellent IT services, whilst aligning to the latest standards in the industry [Read More]